We were young when we had our stroke

Stroke doesn't only happen to older people.

Hear us talk about the challenges we face, and what helps.

Get tips and resources and connect with others like us, young survivors of stroke and our family and friends.

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I want to hear from people like me

Heaps of young survivors and their families and friends have walked down this road before.

Hear other people share honest stories and experiences.

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Who’s out there to help me?

You’re not alone, even though some days it may feel that way.

Find out about connecting with other young survivors and families.

Connect with our stroke allied health professionals on StrokeLine.  

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What will my life be like now?

I’m tired all the time, is that normal? What do I tell my kids?

How can I even think about going back to work? No matter what your stroke story is, chances are someone has been through it.  

Get advice from young survivors and their families.  

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What happened to me?

So what exactly is a stroke? Find out about types, signs, causes, changes, treatment and rehabilitation.

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I’m caring for someone after stroke

If a family member or friend has a stroke, you may be wondering how you can help. You may feel overwhelmed by your own emotions.  

Taking on the role of caring for a young survivor brings new challenges and connections.  

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