Caring for someone after stroke

If a family member or friend has a stroke, you may be wondering how you can help. You may feel overwhelmed by your own emotions.

Taking on the role of caring for a young survivor brings new challenges and connections.

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A family's experience of stroke

Beth Browning had her stroke at age 19. Her family and friends share their stories of how it impacted them.

Stories from the Browning family ›
Beth Browning and her family

What can I do to help?

When stroke happens, your first thoughts may be how can you help the young survivor of stroke? Where do you begin?

Practical tips ›
Kim and Emma

Supporting a young survivor of stroke

In the first week when a young survivor of stroke leaves the hospital how do you make them feel comfortable and safe?

Providing support
Kylie, a survivor of stroke

There are others like you

Connect with other families, friends or carers of young survivors of stroke.

Connecting with other supporters
Coffee Club support