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Quick links to online communities

There are lots of ways to connect with people online. Join a Facebook group. Participate in an online Zoom catch-up. Read blogs written by young survivors of stroke. Post questions on forums.


EnableMe is Australia's largest online stroke community providing support to stroke survivors, carers, family and friends in the months and years after stroke.

Created by Stroke Foundation, EnableMe is an online place to talk to and seek support from other people who have 'been there' as well as the health professionals from StrokeLine. You can ask questions, to find the answers that you need and set recovery goals.

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Join genyus network

A safe space to connect with someone who understands


• Online forum for social connection
• Online Social Meetups called "Coffee-Clubs"
• Community and Leadership Programs
• Peer-led research recruitment and delivery


• You will feel safe, supported and connected with others traveling a similar path to you
• You will enhance your awareness, self-esteem, communication skills and your confidence to contribute to community life, plus enrich your ongoing rehab outcomes

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Social media groups

Social media groups are an easy way to jump online and connect with others. Find other young survivors of stroke with similar interests. Share stories and get support.

Groups include: 

• young survivors of stroke and their carers
• aphasia
• returning to work after stroke
• parenting after stroke

Get in touch with StrokeLine to find the right online group for you. Phone 1800 787 653 or email