Lisa says she has to be “conscious of managing my energy. Your energy management is really important. And it’s worth focusing in and understanding what gives you energy and what takes your energy away. And to be really diligent about doing the former and not the latter.”

Sue managed her fatigue levels by paying attention to what was important to her, which was her young family.

Paul says he has to split his day into thirds to manage his fatigue.

Toni makes sure to plan enough rest when she knows she has to do something. She says “This morning I’ve done an hour session of pilates. So I got home, at about 11:30am, and I have just laid down on the couch since then so that I could do this [meeting]. Because if I hadn’t done that, if I’d gone to actually do something, then I wouldn’t have been able to do this discussion”.

Michael says that initially his fatigue was debilitating. Nowadays his fatigue is better but he still has to manage it. He says “My brain just shuts down. I can’t follow basic instructions. I just have to lie down for half an hour and then I’m okay.” He says his fatigue is still there and it just comes out of the blue like a fog. “I’ve learnt to accept it. Just take a break.