Hi, I'm Emma.

In this video,

I would like to tell you

about some of the tips

I have for a person

with aphasia

to help them concentrate.

If someone is talking to me,

it is most helpful if they talk slowly and clearly.

Most people with aphasia need more time

finding the words they need to talk.

Give us time to answer.

Emphasise the key words.

And repeat the question, if I look confused.

Make your conversation simple

and in adult words,

Pictures can also help with understanding.

I find that it is hard to concentrate

if there are a lot of loud

and distracting noises

in the background.

Turn the TV off or put it on mute.

Turn loud music off too.

You will have a better conversation

with a person with aphasia

in a quiet place.

It is also hard for me

to concentrate on talking

and understanding people

if there are many conversations

happening at once.

Family events is hard work.

My brain must work extremely hard

to focus on

finding words

and following conversation.

If there are lots of people talking,

I struggle to cope.

Don't be afraid to leave the room

for a short brain break.

After a short rest,

your brain

may be ready

to be part

of the conversation again.

Before speaking to me, gain my attention first.

I prefer one-on-one conversations,


so I can also read gestures and expressions.

Let me know if you are going to change the topic.

You don't have to shout at me though.

I have not lost my hearing.

When I am watching TV,

I find it helpful to have the captions on.

That way I can listen and read the

conversation at the same time.

This is particularly helpful

if the person speaking has an accent.

I will give more tips

in a later video about helping with reading.