My sister Rita had a stroke when she was 46 years old. And our lives changed overnight. She had had a major, major stroke. I think that she was very lucky to survive, with a lot of deficits. I was in shock. I was traumatised, too. I was trying to process what happened.

I had all this anxiety I was dealing with. I had to get counseling to cope with it and that did help me and it did give me some perspective. And I look after myself and I do have to separate myself from my sister's life now. I absolutely, absolutely exhausted myself. So I had to back off completely and just do what I needed to do.

Learn to be patient

We have to be patient. And I look at the baby steps. It’s these baby steps. And I have to be patient. I'm the sort of person I want to fix everything. I want to fix everybody. I've tried so hard to able to help her, and I've put so many, you know, therapies in place and things in place. But I have come to the realisation that I cannot fix this. But I can be there.

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