Sex and intimacy

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"I experience the physical effects whilst Nick gets the psychological ones and they both have their challenges."

- Toni, Young survivor of stroke

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Sex after stroke

Written by Toni Arfaras

This blog includes descriptions of sexual activity.

I think it would be interesting to pinpoint the reasons people originally contact the Stroke Foundation be it through StrokeLine or jumping on the website. For me there were two reasons; driving and sex, though I’m not sure which one I considered the most important. One represented a misplaced sense of freedom and the other a part of my identity.

Both were important and post stroke I wanted to know if there were any restrictions on when either could begin. Driving was easy to locate; four weeks after a stroke with clearance from your doctor so that was an easy date to mark on the calendar.

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Advice from others

  • "I think a sense of humour goes a long way... And open communication. We know at the best of times, when you're talking about sex, that can be really hard... That open conversation is so important." 
  • "Just go with it and have that open communication... Openness and acceptance." 
  • "Go and see someone who's specialised in the area. It may be a physio for your pelvic floor, a sex therapist, or someone else. There are other therapists and professionals that can help you."

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