Some of the topics discussed will get you thinking about your own experiences. If you feel any distress, talk with someone you trust—perhaps a family member, friend, or your doctor. If you need support, information or advice StrokeLine’s health professionals are available 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, AEST. Call StrokeLine on 1800 787 653 or email Lifeline is available 24 hours a day on 13 11 44.

Video transcript

Emma: Well, I was in London and it was out of the blue. I had a headache or a migraine, so I went to bed and I woke up on the floor and I couldn't speak and I  couldn't move my whole body. So I was locked in there. The flatmate knocked at my door because he thought it was funny that I hadn't taken my car.

Saran: How long were you in London for before you came back to Australia?

Emma: One and a half months.

Saran: Were you able to speak at all by the time you came home?

Emma: Yeah, a little bit.

Saran: Do you see an improvement in your speech?

Emma: It's tricky because like I'm tired today, so it's not a good day. But when I'm firing on all cylinders. Yeah.

Saran: Would you want to go back to teaching?

Emma: No. No. But I got into uni, so that's good.

Saran: Did you? To study what?

Emma: Education. A Masters in Education. I'll be researching into stuff rather than  teaching.

Saran: What specific help will you need, do you think?

Emma: Like, extra time. I can't do two things at once. I registered for it. And also I had to say why my disability is  affecting me.

Saran: So how do you type?

Emma: I use voice to text. Yeah, it's difficult for me. But I'm waiting on a one handed keyboard. But it's being made in Austria.

Saran: Oh, my God. Okay.

Emma: It's quite a wait.

Saran: How have you learned to speak more?

Emma: Booking in with a speech therapist is important. Like, it's tiring. And I don't want to do it, but if I don't, it's  worse.

Saran: What are the positives that you've seen in life  post stroke?

Emma: The kindness of others. Yeah. And patience. And figuring out where I want to be in life.