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Our StrokeLine health professionals can help you find the support and services you need, whether you are a young survivor of stroke, family member or carer.

Call StrokeLine on 1800 787 653 or email

StrokeLine is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, Eastern Standard Time (closed on Australian national public holidays).

Nichola shares how StrokeLine helped her

Nichola Browning shares her experience with calling StrokeLine. Nichola's daughter Beth had a stroke at the age of 19.

"The first time I made contact with StrokeLine was quite a lot down the track with our daughter's recovery. I spoke to a wonderful health professional, who was really understanding and compassionate on the end of the phone. We just talked through everything that we could, so that I could help support Beth and learn a little more about what could help.

It's extremely valuable for families in particular when stroke happens to your loved one. Having somewhere to reach out, when that other person might not have the capacity or energy to do so. Not feeling isolated in it and alone with your worries. It's really important to reach out and StrokeLine are absolutely there for us all to speak to.

I actually wished I had called StrokeLine far sooner." - Nichola, mum of a young survivor of stroke

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